Turn Yourself Into a Moving Advertisement
"Getting cash fast while doing everyday activities" - I'm sure you've always dreamed of that. But this dream can come true, after you read this article. You probably watch tv every day and every day you see those annoying commercials all the time, on every TV programme. What would you say if I told you that you could actually get money fast from advertising? And you don't even need your own TV programme! Just turn yourself into a moving advertisement! All you need is your body or your car. You can wrap a car in advertisements or become a human billboard. This type of getting income is called: "passive income", which is an income received with little effort required to maintain it. Here's a great blog about passive income: Smart Passive Income. Some of the methods on how to earn money fast if I need cash fast presented on this site are the source of passive income, like renting out a room for example.

Wrap a Car in Advertisements

Do you drive long distances with your car? Do you drive through popular cities and often during rush hours? Do you have a car with lots of ad space, such as vans or SUVs? If all your answers are yes I will found something for you! If you need money fast you can wrap a car in company advertisements!

Firstly, if you want to make money quick, you must find the right car wrapping company. Search for those companies on internet, ask people that already have their car wrapped in advertisements, use yellow pages. Once you find few of them, screen them carefully! Your goal is to find a company that has many partnerships with businesses, because the more partnerships it has, the more advertisements it can offer and the more it pays. Make sure that the car wrapping company you want to choose is legitimate and isn't a scam! Car wrapping scams are something you want to extremely avoid, because all they wanna do is to steal your money and waste your time. If you cannot find a company that's not a scam and pays well, the I've got something for you, it's: MyFreeCar.com. MyFreeCar.com is a great company, it pays drivers up to 400$ a month! It offers bunch of different advertisements, so you can choose the ones you want.

Become a Human Billboard

Becoming a human billboard is the next method on how to get money fast from advertising. The reason I like this method so much is that it gives us the opportunity to make money quick while doing everyday activities! You're earning money by watching tv, eating in a restaurant etc. Despite the fact it's comfortable way of getting money, there aren't many human billboards out there, so there are a lot advertising companies waiting for you! How can you become a human billboard? I know two ways to do that and I present them below:
  • T-shirt advertising - is a little-known method of advertising. It works like that: you wear a T-shirt with with advertising on front or back, or even both. The company whos advertisement you have on your T-shirt, pays you some amount of money. How much? It depends on the company and on how often you wear your T-shirt and in which places. If you cannot find a company that is willing to pay you for T-shirt advertising, you can go to site: IWearYourShirt.com and try your hand.
  • Tattoo advertising - in this method the companies will pay you (usually really nice amount of money) if you tattoo yourself their advertisements. How much they will pay? Kari Smith of Utah tattooed "GoldenPalace.com" on her forehead and she earned 10 000$! But I don't recommend this method for you, because I think it's only for people that are very bold, because once you tattoe yourself it's not easy to get rid of that. This is something permament. Another disadvantage is that it doesn't usually look good, especially if you tattoo some advertisement on your forehead!

That's everything I know about becoming a moving advertisement as a way to get quick cash. Decide if this is something for you. Please leave a comment and share your opinion about this method. Also don't forget to share it with your friends below! Cheers!


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