"RENT OUT A ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE" - Method 2 on How to Earn Money Fast if I Need Cash Fast

Rent Out a Room in Your House
The next method on how to earn money fast if I need cash fast is renting out a room in your house. It is a great method, because it does not require a lot of work to earn money quick monthly or weekly from your tenants. That money can help you pay your mortgage or buy something you've always wanted.

Before you can get cash fast from renting a room, you must consider if you really want to do that. Because once you do this, you will loose some privacy. You will share your home with strangers. Renting a room may also put your home and family members at risk. You can get robbed for example. But if you thing that you would be willing to do this, because you need money fast, then go to the next paragraph.

The first thing you must do, is determining which room (or rooms) you will rent. Firstly, the room you want to rent must be unused. You also have to take into consideration the location of the rental room. A well-located room is a room that is near the bathroom (Will you share the bathroom with the tenants? Or will you offer them the use of your bathroom on their own?), a room that isn't located so close to yours and your family member’s bedrooms, and a room that is located close to an outside door. If you have a big house you might rent out even whole floor! (But if you had a big house you wouldn't search for methods on how to get money fast, so I suppose you do not have one xD )

After choosing a room (or rooms) for rent, make up a rental agreement. It should include information like description of the property (address, where the room is located etc.), term of lease, and the most important: information about the rent. You must inform your tenants about how much rent you will charge to make money quick, how often is it to be paid, and when. Making up a rental agreement is associated with creating a list of house rules. Put in the rules what you expect and what you will allow. For example if you won't allow overnight guests, then put it in the rules. If you won't allow smoking in your house, put it in the rules. Do not forget to have the potential tenants read the rules, before they decide to rent!

The next step is to do some preparation work on the rental room. Basically it should be clean, because no one wants to live in a dirty room! If something in the room is damaged, you will have to make some necessary repairs. Your tenants have to enjoy the room. How to make than happen? Simply provide a comfortable, well-furnished, clean and full of supplies (such as bed or television) room. If you do that, I'm sure you won't have any problems with finding tenants and getting money fast if you need money fast.

Once you've got your room prepared for tenants, you must find those tenants! How to find them? Advertise! Place advertisements where you are most likely to find a tenant you want, for example at the nearby college or on the newspapers. Or you can advertise on the internet. Put your ad on websites like: Craiglist.com or Roomster.com.

If you find applicants, screen them carefully. Do a credit check on them, request personal references and interview them. Discuss the rules of the house, their work. Get as much information as possible. Always try to be friendly with you tenants. Help them, try to solve their problems. Simply treat them almost like if they were members of your family.

That's everything about renting out a room in your house, now you can go and try out this way to get cash fast! What do you think about this method? Is it good for you?Please leave a comment and share this method with your friends below! Wish you all the best!


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